We are Nhoma, a charity dedicated to supporting children of all ages in Ghana.

We work together with educators to to succeed in the classroom.

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Books for Ghana 

Nhoma provides children`s books to schools to inspire the minds of our future leaders.

Investing in Minds

We work with schools to provide training to develop educators in child centered teaching methods

Nhoma offers learning resources free of charge to schools, supporting them to bring education to life. 

$445 Donated

We believe that teachers need to continue learning and that excellence in the classroom requires the very best training. The many teachers we train are able to reach hundreds of children.

£12,134 Donated

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£12,134 Donated

Investing in minds since 2016

Children supported

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What We Do

At Nhoma, we understand the power of education in transforming children’s lives. Our mission is to equip educators with the right tools, training, and resources to inspire critical thinking, creativity, and ethical values.

With our two major projects, “Investing in Minds” and “Books for Ghana”, we’re challenging the educational status quo and fostering environments for enriched learning. We’re making a difference, one child, one classroom at a time.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop the minds of the next generation.

We at Nhoma want to prepare educators to provide 21st-century education so children are equipped to face the challenges of an ever-changing world. We want to empower children to use their minds, talents and resources to succeed.

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Join us at Nhoma in supporting Ghana’s future, the children. Sponsorship is just one way to help. Apart from providing monetary assistance, you can volunteer your time and skills, or even raise awareness about our mission in your community. Your involvement can bring about significant change. Let’s shape a better future together.

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