Your contribution matters. Every donation to Nhoma, big or small, is an investment in a child’s future in Ghana. Your generosity enables us to provide educators with essential resources and training, fostering creativity, critical thinking, and ethical behaviour. By choosing to donate, you’re not just giving money; you’re giving these children the opportunity to shape their own lives and make the world a better place. Enter your chosen amount and click on our “Donate Now” button. Let’s, together, one donation at a time, shape brighter futures.

Giving Options

Choose a Specific project

Books for Ghana

Your donation to the “Books for Ghana” project directly supports our goal of enriching classrooms with diverse, quality reading materials. Every contribution helps us purchase more books, enabling us to reach more children. With each donation, you’re opening up a world of knowledge for a child and fostering a lifelong love for learning.

Investing in Minds

When you donate to the “Investing in Minds” project, your contribution directly provides educators with the necessary training and resources. Your support enables us to conduct more training sessions, develop innovative educational tools, and empower more teachers. With every donation, you’re not just investing in an educator, but in the countless lives, they will influence.

Give a One-Time Gift

Every single donation makes a real difference. A one-time gift to Nhoma, no matter the size, can have a lasting impact on the lives of children in Ghana. Your generosity can provide books for a classroom, or training for an educator. By giving a one-time gift, you’re playing a crucial part in our mission to shape brighter futures through education.

Our Funds

Investing in Minds

Investing in Minds is a project dedicated to equipping educators with the necessary training and resources to inspire innovation and critical thinking in children. Learn More

Books for Ghana

Books for Ghana is an initiative aimed at enriching classrooms with diverse, quality reading materials to foster a lifelong love for learning. Learn More

About Your Donations, Where & How They are used

When you make a donation to Nhoma, you’re directly impacting lives and shaping futures. Each contribution goes towards our vital projects – “Investing in Minds” and “Books for Ghana”. In the “Investing in Minds” project, your funds support the training of educators, equipping them with innovative tools and methodologies that inspire critical thinking and creativity in students. For “Books for Ghana”, your donations help us acquire and distribute a diverse range of books, promoting literacy and the joy of reading among children. We ensure that every penny donated is used effectively and efficiently, creating maximum impact for the children and educators we serve.

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