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At Nhoma, we believe in the transformative power of education. Our projects, “Investing in Minds” and “Books for Ghana”, are the beating heart of our mission. Through “Investing in Minds”, we empower educators with cutting-edge training and tools, inspiring them to nurture the innovators and leaders of tomorrow. Our “Books for Ghana” project brings the joy of reading to classrooms, opening up worlds of knowledge and sparking curiosity in young minds. Join us as we shape brighter futures, one child, one classroom, one book at a time.

Investing in Minds

At Nhoma, we deeply understand that great teachers spark great minds. Our “Investing in Minds” project is a testament to this belief. This initiative is designed to empower educators, giving them the tools and training they need to reach more children and inspire a love for learning.

We offer an extensive teacher training course, which can last from one week to one month. These courses are tailored to meet the needs of the teachers and can be chosen based on their specific training needs. Through these courses, we provide teachers with innovative teaching methods, techniques to inspire critical thinking, creativity, and ethical behavior among students.

While our courses are usually conducted in groups, allowing for shared learning and collaboration, we also recognize the need for individual attention and support. Thus, we make it possible for individual teachers to seek personalized advice and guidance, ensuring no teacher is left behind in their quest to provide the best education possible.

But our support doesn’t end when the training does. We provide each teacher with a teaching kit for further self-study and continuous improvement. These kits serve as a comprehensive guide, allowing teachers to revisit and build upon what they have learned in our training courses.

The impact of your contribution to this project is significant. A donation of just £25 can support three teachers to get teaching kits, extending the benefits of the training course. Meanwhile, a contribution of £150 can cover the cost of a week’s teacher training. Each donation, regardless of its size, takes us a step further in our mission to transform the educational landscape in Ghana, one teacher at a time.

By supporting “Investing in Minds”, you’re not just investing in an educator, but in the countless lives they will positively influence. This is your chance to help us shape brighter futures, one teacher, one classroom at a time.

Books for Ghana

At Nhoma, we believe in the power of a good book to ignite the imagination, fuel curiosity, and inspire a love of learning. Our “Books for Ghana” project is rooted in this belief, aimed at enhancing the learning experience for children in Ghana.

“Books for Ghana” is about more than just supplying books. While our main focus is on enriching classrooms with diverse, quality reading materials, we understand that a conducive learning environment goes beyond books. That’s why we also provide essential school supplies including teaching aids, arts and crafts materials, and other necessary resources schools need to function effectively.

In addition to these, we strive to make learning a joyous experience for children. We arrange engaging activities and events, filled with fun and learning. Participating children are rewarded with prizes and gifts, further encouraging their participation and creating memorable experiences for them. These events not only inspire learning but also foster social skills, teamwork, and a sense of community among the children.

Your contribution to the “Books for Ghana” project can bring a world of knowledge and enjoyment to a child’s doorstep. Each donation helps us purchase more books, equip more classrooms, organize more fun-filled activities, and reach more children.

By supporting “Books for Ghana”, you’re not just giving a child a book, you’re opening up a world of possibilities for them. This is your opportunity to spark a lifelong love for learning and creativity in a child’s life, one book at a time.

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Join us at Nhoma in supporting Ghana’s future, the children. Sponsorship is just one way to help. Apart from providing monetary assistance, you can volunteer your time and skills, or even raise awareness about our mission in your community. Click our “Donate Now” button to contribute or reach out to us to find more ways to get involved. Together, we can shape brighter futures.